Get your copy 
of the Krusader file manager

Using an AppStream store on Linux

Krusader on Linux can be easily
installed using an AppStream store.

You can get the source code!

Looking for a quick source download? Krusader comes in different flavors:

The latest stable version of Krusader.
Mature and safe for everyday use.

This version is a (possibly) unstable but may include new features
and bug fixes that haven't been released yet.

Chances are good, that Krusader is already part of your distribution and can be installed without major effort. In a perfect world Krusader is only one command away ...


# apt-get install krusader

Note:This is supposed to work on any Debian based system like Ubuntu or Mepis as well as other apt-get aware distributions such as ALT Linux.

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# emerge krusader

Note:Refer to the official Gentoo Handbook if you intend to try the testing branch.

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# dnf install krusader

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# urpmi krusader

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More systems known to include Krusader:
Arch LinuxArcheOSArk LinuxFreeBSDFrugalware LinuxKanotixLunar LinuxROCK LinuxOpenLXopenSUSEKnoppixLinspirePCLinuxOSALT LinuxSource Mage

Packaging status


Krusader can be extended with custom add-ons called User Actions. You can find existing extensions and share your own ones in the KDE store. Note that all add-ons there are unofficial, use them with caution.